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22/09/2021 Trivial Benefits

Trivial Benefits

Small non-cash trivial benefits can be provided to employees with no benefit tax charge. This extends to directors of companies also, but there are some restrictions...

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15/09/2021 Corporation Tax Super Deduction

Corporation Tax Super Deduction

From now until 31st March 2023, eligible expenditure on new plant and equipment (including vans) may qualify for a 130% allowance against profits chargeable for Corporation Tax...

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08/09/2021 Electric Vans

Electric Vans

From 6th April 2021 onwards, there is no benefit charge for employees who drive fully electric vans and use them privately, plus the added bonus of no fuel charge either...

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01/09/2021 Cycle-to-Work Scheme

Cycle-to-Work Scheme

An employer can provide any bike (including e-bikes) to an employee without a benefit-in-kind arising. The employee then makes payments through a salary sacrifice scheme, saving employee tax/NI as well as Employer NIC...

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