A G Smith & Co

Case Studies

1. A Refrigeration Company with Cash at Year-End

By Andrew Smith (FCCA), Director

"At a pre-year-end meeting, we established with a limited company client that business profits would be in the region of £200,000, tax £40,000. The director of the company was looking to buy a new fleet of vehicles in the near future. By suggesting capital purchases of £80,000 before the end of his financial year made a tax saving of £16,000. We also suggested, in conjunction with our financial services partner, that the client made a pension payment of £40,000, reducing the tax by a further £8,000.”

2. A Taxi Company Moving into the Digital World

By Jordan Smith (BSc)

“The client was a long-standing, family-run taxi-firm that were doing well on a handwritten bookkeeping system, but changes in legislation meant that an upgrade to digital record-keeping was necessary for business growth. They had small parts of the business on Sage 50, but their current accountant had made them fearful to ditch the old methods.

As soon as they made the switch to A G Smith & Co, we went on site and built a tailored Excel solution to track driver system-rents, banking and school’s contracts. As it was a fairly large company, we put the Excel system in place to act a bridging software into a Sage cloud product; it boosted the client’s knowledge and confidence regarding digital bookkeeping and made them confident to start making the switch.

During this process, we developed a more informal relationship with the client, which meant they had increased trust in us to help with any problem, not just regarding their accounts. Recently, they had a very sudden opportunity to gain a large taxi contract. We visited the client, and together produced an Excel calculator that allowed them to put a precise offer in on-time, and secure the £350,000+ T/O contract.”

3. Small Sole-Trader Wind-Up: Securing Income for Husband & Wife

By Brandon Hart (FMAAT), Accounts Manager

“The client was a small sole trader approaching retirement age and winding down the business. The husband and wife had concerns on how they would financially manage once he stopped working full time. They had little pension contribution, small savings amounts and they were not optimistic about their future incomes.

Two years earlier the wife had started to receive a small state pension based only in the following years:

  • 5 years qualifying earnings pre-becoming a full-time mother.
  • 15 years qualifying years post children leaving home.

She had received “family allowance” for some 20+ years whilst the children were growing up and in full-time education. The clients did not know that these years counted towards her state pension qualifying years and therefore she had sufficient qualifying years for the full state pension.

After a short telephone call to the pension service, the client received a back payment of £3,500 and an increased state pension going forward. They still thank me for this golden piece of information whenever I see them.”

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